Tectex is proud to present AUTOMATEC.

Automatec is a new brand that has brought two companies full circle to the original concept that was originally formed in the late 1950s.
At that time  a company was formed called Tecnica Tessile, which began to build the first machines for nonwoven production. A few years later, from an idea of another person Automatex wasformed.

The two companies have co-existed for many years and even became competitors in the production of cross lappers and needling machines. Both companies were selling all over the world and becoming  two of the largest companies manufacturing machinery of this type. Over the years the expertise of Tecnica Tessile led to the formation 2N and then Tectex.
Today sees history repeating itself.

Tectex srl will operate with AUTOMATEC brand using all the skills acquired from our combined experience since the late ‘50s to the present time.
This gives us the combination of the experience learned from thousands of machines installed worldwide, to generate a company with great technical knowledge that we are proud to offer to all our customers.

The program of production of Automatec will include Cross Lappers and Needle Looms with two technologies, one using Grease lubrication, the second Oil lubrication. Thanks to this AUTOMATEC becomes the only world wide company able to offer the both technologies.

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